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Happy Holidays!

Posted in Things I love, December 27 2012

Wishing everyone a warm and colourful holiday season, wherever you are and however you spend it.

Christmas Cards

Posted in Things I make, December 17 2012

This year I’ve finally managed to design and print original Christmas cards. I won’t reveal the illustration online until Christmas day, but the first fifty people to send me their address will receive one of these in the post — hopefully by Christmas. Get in touch through facebook or twitter, or send me your details to info (at) erica-dorn (dot) com. It’s pretty and it’s free!

Uniform Wares presents 12:24

Posted in Things I do, September 7 2012

I am very excited to announce my participation in a September exhibition organized an curated by Uniform Wares. The show features 12 artists, each taking a time day as a point of inspiration to create an A2 print. Each print will be available as an edition of 24 to be sold at the show. I’ll be exhibiting alongside some design and illustration heavyweights, many of whom are already well known for their brilliant work. The show is open over London Fashion Week and the London Design Festival, and is part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle. We’ll be having a private view on the 19th of September so be sure to come along.


Posted in Things I love, July 13 2012

I’ve finally given in and joined the Pinterest mob.

Oliver Sacks

Posted in Things I love, October 25 2011

Oliver Sacks Covers

Beautiful covers designed by Cardon Philip Webb.

Matthias Heiderich

Posted in Things I love, October 25 2011

Matthias Heiderich

I’d fill every inch of my house with his photographs.


The Birthday Issue

Posted in Things I make, Things I see, October 24 2011

Erica Dorn Porter Airlines

I’ve just been handed the shiny new issue of the onboard journal for Porter Airlines, re:porter. This being their fifth year since the airline first took to the skies, the cover features a special silver foil to complement my illustration of their beloved raccoon mascot atop his gigantic birthday cake.

New tasty calendar

Posted in Things I see, October 12 2011

Erica Dorn Eiga Calendar

Hamburg-based design studio EIGA have included my Marathon Cake in their new 2012 calendar, titled Eat! Design with Food. I just received mine in the post. It looks scrumptious.

A pie in the sky

Posted in Things I do, September 20 2011

If you happen to be flying with Porter Airlines this month, be sure to check out issue 16 of the in-flight magazine. There’s a handful of my illustrations, mostly of food.

Porter in Process

Posted in Things I see, September 19 2011

Erica Dorn Process Magazine

My copy of Melbourne-based design publication Process Journal, which features a case study on the branding and advertising work Winkreative did for Porter Airlines, arrived in the post this weekend. There are some nice big photos of selected spreads on their photostream online.

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